It's been estimated that celery was first cultivated around 850B.C in the Mediterranean for medicinal purposes. It was not served as a food choice until several hundred years later in France in the year 1623. Celery did not make it to the new world until George Taylor brought it to Kalamazoo, MI in the 1850's. Mr. Taylor grew celery along the banks of the Kalamazoo river until blight decimated his celery crop in the early 1880's. The survival of celery in the new world was in doubt until Dutch settlers like Gerrit Van Solkema began expanding the planting acreage further north near the towns of Byron Center and Hudsonville, MI.

Today Van Solkema Produce ships and packs celery from FL, TX, CA, MI and MX. This enables Van Solkema to have year round supplies to meet your celery needs.


  • Byron Center, MI: July - October
  • Glennville, GA: July - October




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